NEW Pen Kits for St. Patrick's Day and Easter!

We have TWO brand New Collections, which means time for NEW Pen Kits!

Shop the full St. Patrick's Day & Mardi Gras Collection HERE.

Shop the full Easter Collection HERE.

Here's a video of assembling these Pens:

In addition to each of these designs being available as DIY Project Kits with just the supplies needed to create each design, we also have the Supply Lists below for those of you who want to make larger volumes/have more supplies and save!

Oh for Peeps Sake Beaded Pen Supply List:

  • Oh for Peep's Sake Silicone Focal Bead SKU 5506 - SHOP HERE
  • Lavender Ombre Beadable Pen SKU 1683 - SHOP HERE
  • Pale Blue & White Pearly Luster Duo 12mm Bead SKU 5481 - SHOP HERE
  • Wisteria Confetti Sparkle 12mm Bead SKU 5478 - SHOP HERE
  • Fresh Mint Frosted 8mm Bead SKU 3960 - SHOP HERE
  • Lilac Large Hole Rhinestone Rondelle Bead SKU 5194 - SHOP HERE

OR, Shop the Oh for Peeps Sake Beadable Pen Project Kit HERE

Easter Basket Beaded Pen Supply List:

  • Easter Basket Style #1 Silicone Focal Bead SKU 5495 - SHOP HERE
  • Powder Pink Beadable Pen SKU 1683 - SHOP HERE
  • Fresh Mint w/White Stripe Silicone 15mm Bead SKU 5509 - SHOP HERE
  • Daffodil & Peach Pearly Luster Duo 12mm Bead SKU 5482 - SHOP HERE
  • Light Pink Large Hole Rhinestone Rondelle Bead SKU 5325 - SHOP HERE

OR, Shop the Easter Basket Beadable Pen Project Kit HERE

Happy Easter Pickup Truck Beaded Pen Supply List:

  • Happy Easter Pickup Silicone Focal Bead SKU 5505 - SHOP HERE
  • White Beadable Pen SKU 1683 - SHOP HERE
  • Orange Translucent Pumpkin w/White Core 8mm Bead SKU 5362 - SHOP HERE
  • Sea Green & Pale Pink Pearly Luster Duo 12mm Bead SKU 5484 - SHOP HERE
  • Bubblegum Pink w/White Polka Dot 12mm Bead SKU 1433 - SHOP HERE
  • White Abacus Silicone Bead SKU 4014 - SHOP HERE

OR, Shop the Happy Easter Pickup Truck Beadable Pen Project Kit HERE

Easter Bunny w/Egg Beaded Pen Supply List:

  • Bunny w/Egg Silicone Focal Bead SKU 5499 - SHOP HERE
  • Pearlized Lilac Beadable Pen SKU 1683 - SHOP HERE
  • Bubblegum Pink w/White Polka Dot Printed 15mm Silicone Bead SKU 5508 - SHOP HERE
  • Thistle Translucent Shimmer 12mm Bead SKU 4050 - SHOP HERE
  • Pure White Lentil Silicone Bead SKU 3715 - SHOP HERE

OR, Shop the Easter Bunny w/Egg Beadable Pen Project Kit HERE

St. Patrick's Day Cheers Beaded Pen Supply List:

  • St. Patrick's Day Silicone Focal Bead SKU 5446 - SHOP HERE
  • Victorian Teal Beadable Pen SKU 1683 - SHOP HERE
  • Sunflower Pearly Luster 12mm Bead SKU 1930 - SHOP HERE
  • Clover Printed Silicone 15mm Bead SKU 5453 - SHOP HERE
  • Silver Large Hole Rondelle Bead SKU 3590 - SHOP HERE

OR, Shop the St. Patrick's Day Cheers Beadable Pen Project Kit HERE

Leopard Shamrock Beaded Pen Supply List:

  • Leopard Shamrock Silicone Focal Bead SKU 5444 - SHOP HERE
  • Leopard Print Beadable Pen SKU 1683 - SHOP HERE
  • Black Matte 8mm Bead SKU 5322 - SHOP HERE
  • Coffee Pearly Luster 12mm Bead SKU 1926 - SHOP HERE
  • Kelly Green Faux Stone 12mm Bead SKU 5474 - SHOP HERE
  • Black Large Hole Rhinestone Rondelle Spacer SKU 5177 - SHOP HERE

OR, Shop the Leopard Shamrock Beadable Pen Project Kit HERE

Kelly Green & Plaid Shamrock Beaded Pen Supply List:

  • White Border Four Leaf Clover Silicone Focal Bead SKU 3785 - SHOP HERE
  • Black and White Plaid Beadable Pen SKU 1683 - SHOP HERE
  • Black Matte 8mm Bead SKU 5322 - SHOP HERE
  • Shamrock Overlay Printed Silicone 15mm Bead SKU 5454 - SHOP HERE
  • Kelly Green Silicone 12mm Bead SKU 2308 - SHOP HERE

OR, Shop the Kelly Green & Plaid Beadable Pen Project Kit HERE

Lucky Charm Beaded Pen Supply List:

  • Lucky Charm Silicone Focal Bead SKU 5447 - SHOP HERE
  • Pink, Turquoise & Yellow Ombre Beadable Pen SKU 1683 - SHOP HERE
  • Turquoise Cosmic Glitter 12mm Bead SKU 5398 - SHOP HERE
  • Four Leaf Clover Printed 12mm Bead SKU 3783 - SHOP HERE
  • Daffodil Frosted 8mm Bead SKU 3956 - SHOP HERE
  • Crystal Rondelle Spacer Bead SKU 644 - SHOP HERE

OR, Shop the Lucky Charm Beadable Pen Project Kit HERE

A dab of E6000 Glue is recommended on the end of the pen rod to ensure the beads are securely in place. You can purchase E6000 HERE.

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