All NEW Valentine Acrylic Accents & Projects!

Our Valentine Acrylic Accents have arrived! Acrylic Accents can be mounted to Badge Reels or a Pendant Bail. If adding to a Pendant Bail, they can be added to Keychains, Bag Tags/Clips, Lanyards, Wristlets & More! We've put together a project for you using all 7 new Acrylic Accents so you can get beading pairing ideas for each of them. Here's a video showcasing how to assemble them:

Our "Stuck On You" Acrylic Accent is a great one for anyone in the medical field without being too specific! It would be adorable for School Nurses or anyone in a Pediatric Hospital or Office, especially. 

Stuck On You Badge Reel Supply List:

  • White Premium Badge Reel SKU 2614 - SHOP HERE
  • Stuck On You Badge Reel Accent SKU 5407 - SHOP HERE
  • Hematite UV Shine 20mm Bead SKU 510 - SHOP HERE
  • Red & White Heart 20mm Bead SKU 787 - SHOP HERE
  • Fresh Mint Iridescent 20mm Bead SKU 2695 - SHOP HERE

Our Nurse Acrylic Accents are by far our best seller, so we couldn't leave a Nurse specific one out of the Holiday! This accent pairs fabulous with the Fuchsia Stethoscope Heart Silicone, too!

Valentine Nurse Badge Reel Supply List:

  • White Premium Badge Reel SKU 2614 - SHOP HERE
  • Valentine Nurse Badge Reel Accent SKU 5406 - SHOP HERE
  • Black Rhinestone 20mm Bead SKU 491 - SHOP HERE
  • Light Marble 20mm Bead SKU 2685 - SHOP HERE
  • Fuchsia Heart Stethoscope Silicone Focal Bead SKU 4412 - SHOP HERE

Some people prefer Lanyards to Badge Reels. The good news is, you don't have to sacrifice an Acrylic Accent with this style! They can be added right to a lanyard with a Pendant Bail and Split Keyring Link. We are also LOVING these Jumbo Heart Silicone Rings fir Lanyards!

XOXO Heart Trio Lanyard Supply List:

  • Red Heart Jumbo Ring Silicone Bead SKU 5224 - SHOP HERE
  • Polka Dot Heart & Leopard XOXO Silicone Focal Bead SKU 5329 - SHOP HERE
  • Buffalo Plaid Silicone 15mm Bead SKU 3689 - SHOP HERE
  • Heart Trio Acrylic Accent SKU 5411 - SHOP HERE
  • Black Satin Cord 1.5mm SKU 922 - SHOP HERE
  • Black Breakaway Safety Clasps SKU 875 - SHOP HERE
  • Silver Premium Lobster Keychain SKU 1112 - SHOP HERE
  • Split Ring Keychain Link 15mm SKU 1118 - SHOP HERE
  • Silver Flat Glue On Pendant Bail SKU 4082 - SHOP HERE

Here's another sweet idea for a lanyard! Teachers love lanyards, so the "Teaching Sweet hearts" Acrylic Accent is fitting for this style. Our Heart Sequin Filled Acrylic Beads pair really well with this Acrylic Accent (White, Light Pink, Bright Coral and Lavender will ALL match!)

Teaching Sweet Hearts Lanyard Supply List:

  • Thistle Heart Jumbo Ring Silicone Bead SKU 5228 - SHOP HERE
  • Light Pink Heart Sequin & Glitter Filled 20mm Bead SKU 5231 - SHOP HERE
  • Mint Green Silicone 12mm Bead SKU 2769 - SHOP HERE
  • Teaching Sweet Hearts Acrylic Accent SKU 5408 - SHOP HERE
  • White Satin Cord 1.5mm SKU 924 - SHOP HERE
  • White Breakaway Safety Clasps SKU 876 - SHOP HERE
  • Silver Premium Lobster Keychain SKU 1112 - SHOP HERE
  • Split Ring Keychain Link 15mm SKU 1118 - SHOP HERE
  • Silver Flat Glue On Pendant Bail SKU 4082 - SHOP HERE

Car Charms are another fun thing you can make with Acrylic Accents! Assembling them is a combo of making a keychain and a lanyard. The Bead Trio on doubled up cord, but with the satin cord & break away clasps like a lanyard so it can easily attach to the mirror!

Valentine Vibes Car Charm Supply List:

  • Valentine Ombre 20mm Bead SKU 2526 - SHOP HERE
  • Leopard 20mm Bead SKU 3464 - SHOP HERE
  • Black Stardust 20mm Bead SKU 492 - SHOP HERE
  • Valentine Vibes Acrylic Accent SKU 5409 - SHOP HERE
  • Wavy Large Hole Spacer Beads SKU 3576 - SHOP HERE
  • Black Satin Cord 1.5mm SKU 922 - SHOP HERE
  • Black Breakaway Safety Clasps SKU 875 - SHOP HERE
  • Silver Flat Glue On Pendant Bail SKU 4082 - SHOP HERE

On to Keychains! You can never go wrong with a keychain for anyone and everyone! This fun Valentine Coffee themed Acrylic Accent pairs wonderfully GOLD!

XOXO Valentine Coffee Keychain Supply List:

  • Red Sequin Filled 20mm Bead SKU 3775 - SHOP HERE
  • Gold Etched Detail Heart Bead SKU 2530 - SHOP HERE
  • Rosewood Jelly Marble 20mm Bead SKU 1376 - SHOP HERE
  • XOXO Coffee Acrylic Accent SKU 5405 - SHOP HERE
  • Stretchy Elastic 1mm Cord SKU 1766 - SHOP HERE
  • Gold Flat Glue On Pendant Bail SKU 4227 - SHOP HERE
  • Gold Premium Lobster Keychain SKU 1537 - SHOP HERE

You can also make a Bag Clip similarly to how you make a keychain, but with just a Swivel Clip! This is perfect for Teacher Bags which is why we're showing this style with the Teacher Acrylic Accent, but you could also make a Bag Tag with any of the more neutral Valentine Designs for Backpacks or Purses!

Teacher Heart & Arrow Bag Tag Supply List:

  • Bright Coral Heart Sequin & Glitter Filled 20mm Bead SKU 5234 - SHOP HERE
  • Love Story Confetti Rhinestone 20mm Bead SKU 5324 - SHOP HERE
  • Thistle Shimmery Debossed Heart Bead SKU 5247 - SHOP HERE
  • Teacher Heart & Arrow Acrylic Accent SKU 5410 - SHOP HERE
  • Stretchy Elastic 1mm Cord SKU 1766 - SHOP HERE
  • Silver Flat Glue On Pendant Bail SKU 4082 - SHOP HERE
  • Lanyard Swivel Lobster Clip SKU 1116 - SHOP HERE

Featured Glues in these projects can be void via the links below:

  • E6000 - HERE
  • Loctite Ultra Gel Control Super Glue - HERE
  • Hot Glue Gun & Sticks - HERE

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