NEW Iridescent Scalloped Circle Rings!

All NEW Iridescent Scalloped Circle Rings have hit the site! They're available in 9 colors and are so much fun for adding a statement to your next project. 

Don't miss all of the HEART versions of these, too, in the Valentine Collection HERE.

Here's a video showcasing how to assemble each project type:

It's been a while since we've showcased the Flower Bouquet Card Holders/Picks... heading into Valentine's Day, Easter, Mother's Day... SPRING we thought it was time to spotlight them again, and SCORE! the Iridescent Scalloped Circle Rings fit on the picks perfectly! Here are two different styling ideas for the Flower Bouquet Picks.

Dainty Dahlia Flower Bouquet Card Holder Pick Supply List:

  • Beadable Flower Bouquet Pick w/Card Holder SKU 4291 - SHOP HERE
  • Clear w/White Confetti 12mm Bead SKU 5480 - SHOP HERE
  • White Dahlia Flower Silicone Focal Bead  SKU 4367 - SHOP HERE
  • Mint Iridescent Scalloped Circle Ring Bead SKU 5546 - SHOP HERE
  • Barely Pink Shimmer Silicone 15mm SKU 4725 - SHOP HERE

Tulip Bouquet Flower Bouquet Card Holder Pick Supply List:

  • Beadable Flower Bouquet Pick w/Card Holder SKU 4322 - SHOP HERE
  • Powder Pink Color Core Iridescent 12mm Bead SKU 4036 - SHOP HERE
  • Tulip Bouquet Silicone Focal Bead  SKU 5504 - SHOP HERE
  • Light Pink Iridescent Scalloped Circle Ring Bead SKU 5541 - SHOP HERE
  • Sand Shimmer Silicone 15mm SKU 4717 - SHOP HERE

These Iridescent Rings also fit Pen Rods! Use Circular Silicone Focal Beads inside of them, or any various shape that will fit like the tulips shown above!

Not Bossy Just Aggressively Helpful Supply List:

  • Candy Pink Beadable Pen SKU 1683 - SHOP HERE
  • Not Bossy Just Aggressively Helpful Silicone Focal Bead SKU 5424 - SHOP HERE
  • Black Iridescent Scalloped Circle Ring Bead SKU 5544 - SHOP HERE
  • Pure White Silicone Lentil SKU 3715 - SHOP HERE
  • Midnight Cosmic Glitter 12mm SKU 5393 - SHOP HERE

Stay Pawsitive Supply List:

  • Black Beadable Pen SKU 1683 - SHOP HERE
  • Dog Stay Pawsitive Silicone Focal Bead SKU 5423 - SHOP HERE
  • Lilac Iridescent Scalloped Circle Ring Bead SKU 5543 - SHOP HERE
  • Bubblegum Pink Silicone Lentil SKU 2599 - SHOP HERE
  • Clear w/White Confetti 12mm Bead SKU 5480 - SHOP HERE

And of course, these Rings are also fabulous for Beadable Keychains! The creative possibilities are endless.

I Don't Always Whoop But I Do There It Is Keychain Supply List:

  • Bubblegum Pink Premium Beadable Keychain SKU 4380 - SHOP HERE
  • I Don't Always Whoop But When I Do There It Is Silicone Focal Bead SKU 4882 - SHOP HERE
  • Silver UV Scalloped Circle Ring Bead SKU 5547 - SHOP HERE
  • Bubblegum Pink Silicone Abacus SKU 4005 - SHOP HERE
  • Black w/White Polka Dot Overlay 12mm Bead SKU 1435 - SHOP HERE
  • Silver w/Black Rhinestone Heart Charm SKU 5251 - SHOP HERE

Grow Through What You Go Through Keychain Supply List:

  • Orange Premium Beadable Keychain SKU 5550 - SHOP HERE
  • Grow Through What You Go Through Silicone Focal Bead SKU 5017 - SHOP HERE
  • White Iridescent Scalloped Circle Ring Bead SKU 5545 - SHOP HERE
  • Mint Green Silicone Abacus SKU 4009 - SHOP HERE
  • Azure Chalk Matte 12mm Bead SKU 3675 - SHOP HERE
  • Silver Sunflower Charm SKU 1949 - SHOP HERE

A dab of E6000 Glue is recommended on the end of the rods to ensure the beads are securely in place. You can purchase E6000 HERE.

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