New KEYCHAIN Option for Creativity Kits!

We had requests to offer a Keychain Option for the Creativity Packs, and that was an easy addition to the offering for us to make, so we did! You can now select EITHER Keychains OR Beadable Pens in these packs (you will not receive both). 

The Keychain Packs include (3) Silver (3) Gunmetal) (2) Rainbow Metal (1) Rose Gold and (1) Gold Keychain.

For details on the original Pen Version of these packs, CLICK HERE.

Here's a Short Video on the Keychain Option, CLICK HERE to view.

And here are some SAMPLES of Keychain Designs you can make with these kits!

Medical Pen Creativity Pack:

CLICK HERE to shop the Medical Creativity Pack.

Teacher/Educator Pen Creativity Pack:

CLICK HERE to shop the Teacher/Educator Creativity Pack.

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