Designing with Volume 2 Creativity Packs!

You guys loved Volume 1 of our Creativity Packs so much, we are excited to bring to you today Volume 2 for the Teacher/Educator and Medical Packs! EVERY Silicone Focal Bead in Volume 2 is different than the Silicone Focal Beads in Volume 1. That means you have entirely different design opportunities with these new Packs!

Here's a video walking you through these packs and sharing the design process with you:

Here are two sample pens that could be made with each of the Creativity Packs!

Teacher/Educator Pen Creativity Pack:

CLICK HERE to shop the Teacher/Educator Creativity Pack.

Medical Pen Creativity Pack:

CLICK HERE to shop the Medical Creativity Pack.


We also still have just a couple Cat/Dog themed Creativity Packs left from the first round. CLICK HERE to snag them while you can!

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