Christmas Pen Kits!

Time for some Christmas Pen DIY Project Kits!

For those of you who like making larger quantities or buying the supplies to duplicate the designs a la carte, you'll find Supply Lists for each of the Pens below.

Let's start off with a video assembling them!

Candy Cane Beaded Pen Supply List:

  • Candy Cane w/Holly Silicone Focal Bead SKU 5032 - SHOP HERE
  • Pure Red Beadable Pen SKU 1683 - SHOP HERE
  • Kelly Green Lentil Silicone Bead SKU 4852 - SHOP HERE
  • White Pumpkin 12mm Bead SKU - SHOP HERE
  • Printed Peppermint Swirl Wood 15mm Bead SKU 4879 - SHOP HERE

OR, Shop the Candy Cane Beadable Pen Project Kit HERE

Snowflake Beaded Pen Supply List:

  • Snowflake Silicone Focal Bead SKU 4905 - SHOP HERE
  • Pearlized White Beadable Pen SKU 1683 - SHOP HERE
  • Off White Shimmer 15mm Silicone Bead SKU 4716 - SHOP HERE
  • White Pearl w/Glitter 12mm Bead SKU 1287 - SHOP HERE
  • Crystal Rondelle Spacer Bead SKU - SHOP HERE

OR, Shop the Snowflake Beadable Pen Project Kit HERE

Snowman Gnome Beaded Pen Supply List:

  • Snowman Gnome Silicone Focal Bead SKU 5029 - SHOP HERE
  • Candy Apple Red Beadable Pen SKU 1683 - SHOP HERE
  • Buffalo Plaid 15mm Silicone Bead SKU 3689 - SHOP HERE
  • Kelly Green Pearl 8mm Bead SKU 1900 - SHOP HERE
  • Black Abacus Silicone Bead SKU 4000 - SHOP HERE

OR, Shop the Snowman Gnome Beadable Pen Project Kit HERE

Red Nosed Reindeer Beaded Pen Supply List:

  • Red Nosed Reindeer Silicone Focal Bead SKU 3574 - SHOP HERE
  • Mocha w/Shimmer Beadable Pen SKU 1683 - SHOP HERE
  • Red Abacus Silicone Bead SKU 4010 - SHOP HERE
  • Reindeer Printed Wood 15mm Bead SKU 4976 - SHOP HERE
  • Coffee Pearly Luster 12mm Bead SKU 1926 - SHOP HERE

OR, Shop the Red Nosed Reindeer Beadable Pen Project Kit HERE

Peppermint Swirl Beaded Pen Supply List:

  • Peppermint Candy Silicone Focal Bead SKU 3595 - SHOP HERE
  • Red Ombre Beadable Pen SKU 1683 - SHOP HERE
  • Pure White Abacus Silicone Bead SKU 4014 - SHOP HERE
  • Red Crackle 12mm Bead SKU 1027 - SHOP HERE
  • Vermillion Red Beach Ball 12mm Bead SKU 1108 - SHOP HERE

OR, Shop the Peppermint Swirl Beadable Pen Project Kit HERE

Christmas Sweater Beaded Pen Supply List:

  • Christmas Sweater Silicone Focal Bead SKU 5028 - SHOP HERE
  • Kelly Green Beadable Pen SKU 1683 - SHOP HERE
  • Pure White Abacus Silicone Bead SKU 4014 - SHOP HERE
  • Green w/White Plaid 12mm Bead SKU 3565 - SHOP HERE
  • Red w/White Polka Dot 12mm Bead SKU 1434 - SHOP HERE
  • Wavy Large Hole Spacer Bead SKU 3576  - SHOP HERE

OR, Shop the Christmas Sweater Beadable Pen Project Kit HERE

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