4 New Thanksgiving Projects - Kits or a la Carte!

It's almost November which means Thanksgiving will be here before we know it! We thought we would squeeze in 4 last Project Kits for the Holiday featuring our newest Thanksgiving Supplies. 

Here's a video look at assembling these 4 projects:

First up, we have a Car Charm Kit/Project for you! Changing up your car charm for the currently holiday/season is such a fun way to decorate your car and bring a little holiday spirit with you.

Gobble Gobble till you Wobble Car Charm Supply List:

  • Ivory 1.5mm Satin Cord SKU 925 - SHOP HERE
  • Latte Breakaway Clasps SKU 877 - SHOP HERE
  • Gobble Gobble Gobble Gobble till you Wobble Acrylic Accent SKU 5070 - SHOP HERE
  • Gold Pendant Bail SKU 4227 - SHOP HERE
  • Sherbet Matte 20mm Bead SKU 2905 - SHOP HERE
  • Antique White Matte w/Gold Swirl Overlay 20mm Bead SKU 3539- SHOP HERE
  • Orange Marble 20mm Bead SKU 565 - SHOP HERE
  • Gold Large Hole Spacer Beads SKU 3592 - SHOP HERE

OR, Shop the Gobble Gobble till you Wobble Car Charm Project Kit HERE

Next up, we have a THANKFUL Keychain Project. What I love about this project is that it can be used ALL YEAR not just during Thanksgiving! The colors are so pretty, and being Thankful is always in season.

THANKFUL Keychain Supply List:

  • Silver Premium Lobster Keychain SKU 1112 - SHOP HERE
  • THANKFUL Acrylic Accent SKU 5071 - SHOP HERE
  • Silver Pendant Bail SKU 4082 - SHOP HERE
  • Peach Jelly 20mm Bead SKU 1002 - SHOP HERE
  • Boho Pearly Luster 20mm Bead SKU 3943 - SHOP HERE
  • Cream Chalk Matte 20mm Bead SKU 231 - SHOP HERE
  • Stretchy Elastic Cord SKU 1766 - SHOP HERE
  • Silver Large Hole Spacer Beads SKU 3590 - SHOP HERE

OR, Shop the THANKFUL Keychain Project Kit HERE

Now let's dive into pens! The first one features one of our NEW Printed Beadable Pens... Black and White Plaid!!! This is hands down my favorite printed pen EVER. Black and White Plaid goes with eeeeeeeverything and is a total staple!

Thanksgiving Gnome Beaded Pen Supply List:

  • Pilgrim Gnome Silicone Focal Bead SKU 4981 - SHOP HERE
  • Black & White Plaid Beadable Pen SKU 1683 - SHOP HERE
  • Pumpkin Pearl 8mm Bead SKU 2365 - SHOP HERE
  • Pure White Lentil Silicone Bead SKU 3715 - SHOP HERE
  • Black Abacus Silicone Bead SKU 4000 - SHOP HERE
  • Orange Frosted 12mm Bead SKU 1795 - SHOP HERE

OR, Shop the Thanksgiving Gnome Beaded Pen Project Kit HERE

Fall Pickup Truck Beaded Pen Supply List:

  • Pickup Truck w/Pumpkins Silicone Focal Bead SKU 4982 - SHOP HERE
  • Victorian Teal w/Shimmer Beadable Pen SKU 1683 - SHOP HERE
  • Tangerine Translucent Iridescent 8mm Bead SKU 2373 - SHOP HERE
  • Coin Grey Abacus Silicone Bead SKU 4004 - SHOP HERE
  • Black and White Plaid Silicone 15mm Bead SKU 3690 - SHOP HERE
  • Orange Jelly Marble 12mm Bead SKU 1391 - SHOP HERE

OR, Shop the Fall Pickup Truck Beaded Pen Project Kit HERE

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