Coffee/Cocktail Stirrers for Silicone Use (Package of 1)

SKU: 4839

Style: Package of 1 Silver Stirrer
Sale price$1.00


Coffee/Cocktail Stirrers shipped fast from the USA!

Color: Silver, Gold, Rose Gold

Style: Coffee/Cocktail Stirrers for use with Silicone Beads

Material: Stainless Steel

Size: 7x4"

Coffee/Cocktail Stirrers are ONLY for use with Silicone Beads. The top ball does NOT screw or unscrew like a Beadable Pen or Keychain. Silicone Beads are able to stretch their hole out over the large/flat stir end and slide up the rod to the top ball. Because of how tightly the Silicone hugs the rod, the beads will not slip. Acrylic Beads will NOT fit or work with this product.


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