Beadable Keychains

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Quantity: Package of 1 Silver Keychain
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Beadable Wine Stoppers shipped fast from the USA!

Color: Silver or Black

Style: Beadable Keychain

Material: Metal

Size: 76" Rod length from bail to bail - 1.4mm Rod circumfrence

***This rod is LARGER than the beadable pen and wine stopper rods! The ONLY bead type we've found to not fit the rod are 8mm Solid & Galaxy Beads. All 20mm Beads and all Silicone Beads will fit with no problem. We also have yet to find a 12mm acrylic bead that doesn't fit on (it's still a new product, we believe we've checked all the styles, but one could have potentially slipped by). 8mm Pearl, Frosted, Iridescent and Crackle all fit.***

We use a high quality camera and photo settings to ensure color accuracy. However, please note that color varies from device to device, which is out of our control. You might see a slight variation between what is displayed on your screen and the actual product.

ABC Bead Supply holds no liability for how the beads are used after purchase. Please keep in mind that these are small parts and that small parts are a choking hazard for children.

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