New Everyday Low Prices, Bulk Discount Codes & More!
April is the Anniversary Month of ABC Bead Supply, and we always take time on this month to do an “Annual Review” of prices, policies and programs - making changes where needed. We think you’re all going to be REALLY happy with this year’s updates!!! 

• With the exception of a handful of items that manufacturing costs have gone up on, the VAST MAJORITY (we would estimate 90%) of items we have secured lower rates on. We are passing this savings on to all of you with “every day low prices” on the website!!! 

• Between these new every day low prices, our need to better streamline packaging and shipping and to keep listings cohesive across the board, we will no longer be offering Bulk Quantities on specific items (namely, 12mm acrylic, 20mm acrylic or silicone focals). If you still need, for example, 50 of a 20mm bead you’ll just order a quantity of 5 of the 10 packs. Price reductions have been so significant on so many styles that in most cases (with some exceptions) you will still be paying the same or less than the bulk lots were. For example, Matte 20mm Beads were $3.45 for 10 or $15.52 for 50. They are now $3.10 for a 10 pack, so 50 beads would cost $15.50. 

• We are now pleased to offer every day bulk discounts on orders of $100+. This way, you can save on ALL website listings, not just select items. Use code 10%OFF for orders totaling $100+ or code 15%OFF for orders totaling $200+ 

• We will still be offering a Rewards Program, however to allow for all of the amazingness mentioned above (everyone will be saving in some way!) the program has been adjusted. You will still receive 1 point for every $1 spent, but the amount of points required to convert them to a coupon code has increased. 

• At this time, free shipping will still be awarded at $50+ but we are evaluating that closely over the next couple weeks and it’s subject to change (this is something we actually evaluate constantly as USPS also makes changes).

• If you happen to still shop our Etsy Store, now is the time to start shopping on the website. Etsy fees are huge and their listing fees are very unaffordable for low priced items. That .25 listing fee on a $1 item is 25% of the item whereas someone can sell a sweatshirt for $50 with that same .25 listing fee at .005%. We simply cannot offer the same prices on Etsy as our website. All Etsy prices are now 15%+ higher than the site, not eligible for bulk discount codes, not eligible for rewards and the free shipping threshold is $75 instead of $50. The best pricing is through our website directly. 

• As we spent 35 hours since Friday making all of these changes to the website, going through everything with a fine comb, we retired a few more products that have been added to the clearance rack.  Additionally, ALL Clearance Rack items have been further reduced and the additional 20% off clearance code removed/expired. This collection needs to goooooooooo so be sure to check out these rock bottom prices on 200 listings!

If you’ve made it this far, thank you for your continued support! We can’t wait to serve you for another year!!!!

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