Friendship Bracelets!

Are you or do you know a Swiftie who needs some Friendship Bracelets!? Our 8mm beads paired with the new Swiftie Enamel Charms are PERFECT for such the occasion! First, here's a video of making a bracelet. 

Note: Measure the wrist of whomever is wearing it for a size before you start - that will determine how many beads you put on/how long you'll make it. 22 beads is a good general length for Tweens.

ALL Bracelets Use:

  • Stretchy Elastic Beading Cord SKU 1766 - SHOP HERE
  • Gold 6mm Split Jump Rings SKU 1591 - SHOP HERE
  • Carbon Steel Split Ring Opener Pliers SKU 1601 - SHOP HERE

Bracelet #1:

  • Midnight Cosmic Glitter 8mm Beads SKU 4697 - SHOP HERE
  • Red Cosmic Glitter 8mm Beads SKU 4700 - SHOP HERE
  • If a man talks shit then I owe him nothing Lips Enamel Charm SKU 5568 - SHOP HERE

Bracelet #2:

  • Black Matte 8mm Beads SKU 5322 - SHOP HERE
  • Turquoise Cosmic Glitter 8mm Beads SKU 4705 - SHOP HERE
  • 13 Hand w/Microphone Enamel Charm SKU 5567 - SHOP HERE

Bracelet #3:

  • Black Matte 8mm Beads SKU 5322 - SHOP HERE
  • White Cosmic Glitter 8mm Beads SKU 4695 - SHOP HERE
  • Not a lot going on at the moment Enamel Charm SKU 5569 - SHOP HERE

Bracelet #4:

  • Red Pearl 8mm Beads SKU 2363 - SHOP HERE
  • Red Cosmic Glitter 8mm Beads SKU 4700 - SHOP HERE
  • Red Enamel Charm SKU 5566 - SHOP HERE

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