Assembling the August Kit of the Month - Halloween Projects!

Our August Kit of the Month has shipped out to subscribers, and extras are now available while supplies last! We have very few extras each month, so if you love making up kits and want to receive some happy mail each month, be sure to sign up for the next 3 months HERE. There's no automatic renewal our auto charges to worry about so it's risk free! Plus, subscribers get a discount on the list price of the kits. Below you'll find supply lists for duplicating any of these projects by purchasing the supplies a la carte as well. 

Here's a video on assembling the August Kit of the Month Projects!

First up, how perfect is this Cauldron Silicone Focal Bead for a Wine Stopper!? It's like a yummy Witch's Brew type theme.... and the new Rainbow Metal Wine Stopper is just so perfect for Halloween - it gives off a lot of shades of green and purple! 

Rainbow Cauldron Stopper Supply List:

  • Rainbow Metal Beadable Wine Stopper SKU 1671 - SHOP HERE
  • Cauldron Silicone Focal Bead SKU 4615 - SHOP HERE
  • Lime Green Silicone Lentil Bead SKU 3654 - SHOP HERE
  • Black Abacus Silicone Bead SKU 4000 - SHOP HERE
  • Orchid 12mm Silicone Bead SKU 1694 - SHOP HERE

Next up we have this adorable Candy Corn Gnome themed pen. How adorable is he!? And we are LOVING the 15mm Printed Wooden Beads for Pens. They fit nicely and add a fun element/different texture!

Candy Corn Gnome Beaded Pen Supply List:

  • White Beadable Pen SKU 1683 - SHOP HERE
  • Candy Corn Gnome Silicone Focal Bead SKU 4677 - SHOP HERE
  • Candy Corn Printed Wood Bead SKU 4638 - SHOP HERE
  • Silver Large Hole Rondelle Beads SKU 3590 - SHOP HERE
  • White & Orange Plaid 12mm Beads SKU 3439 - SHOP HERE

These NEW Violet Silicone 12mm Beads couldn't have come in at a more perfect time... we needed this color desperately to pair with witch themed projects for Halloween! It coordinates with the charm perfectly, and the black enamel charm base with the black keychain base is another coordination win. Plus.... bonus, the lentil bead GLOWS IN THE DARK!

Boo! Pumpkin Beaded Keychain Supply List:

  • Black Beadable Keychain SKU 4352 - SHOP HERE
  • Black Foil Fleck 8mm Bead SKU 3641 - SHOP HERE
  • Boo! Pumpkin Silicone Focal Bead SKU 4624 - SHOP HERE
  • Violet 12mm Silicone Bead SKU 4808 - SHOP HERE
  • Pale Yellow Glow in the Dark Silicone Lentil Bead SKU 4594 - SHOP HERE
  • Black Shimmer 15mm Silicone Bead SKU 4710 - SHOP HERE
  • Pumpkin w/Witch Hat Charm SKU 4642 - SHOP HERE

Our Halloween Collection is jam packed with over 150 different products with a wide assortment of themes. Shop the full Collection HERE!

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