All NEW Coffee/Cocktail Stirrers!

Who else loves a new item that you can add beads to!? I know we sure do! We have a new line of Coffee/Cocktail Stirrers for you, ready for adding Silicone Beads! Please note that these Stirrers will NOT work with Acrylic Beads. The top ball does not screw or unscrew like a Beadable Pen or Keychain. Silicone Beads are able to stretch their hole out over the large/flat stir end and slide up the rod to the top ball. Because of how tightly the Silicone beads hug the rod, the beads won't slip. Acrylic Beads will not fit or work with this project. 

Another big plus of using the Silicone with these Stirrers? The Silicone can be hand washed right along with the Stirrer AND they are food grade! So NO worries about splashes of coffee or cocktail mixes on the beads. 

These Stirrers are available in THREE finishes! Silver, Gold and Rose Gold!

Here's a video look at these Stirrers being assembled...

Mama Needs Coffee Stirrer Supply List:

  • Rose Gold Coffee/Cocktail Stirrer SKU 4839 - SHOP HERE
  • Mama Needs Coffee Silicone Focal Bead SKU 4443 - SHOP HERE
  • Red Lentil Silicone Bead SKU 2339 - SHOP HERE
  • Cinnamon High Shine Silicone 15mm Bead SKU 4556 - SHOP HERE

Fueled by Coffee Stirrer Supply List:

  • Gold Coffee/Cocktail Stirrer SKU 4839 - SHOP HERE
  • Fueled by Coffee Beige & Tan Silicone Focal Bead SKU 4434 - SHOP HERE
  • Gold Pearlized Lentil Silicone Bead SKU 2338 - SHOP HERE
  • Cinnamon Shimmer Silicone 15mm Bead SKU 4719 - SHOP HERE

You Got This, Love Coffee Stirrer Supply List:

  • Silver Coffee/Cocktail Stirrer SKU 4839 - SHOP HERE
  • Pink You Got This Love, Coffee Silicone Focal Bead SKU 4606 - SHOP HERE
  • Bubblegum Pink Lentil Silicone Bead SKU 2599 - SHOP HERE
  • Black High Shine Silicone 15mm Bead SKU 4555 - SHOP HERE

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