Beadable Floral Print Pen #14

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Beadable Pens shipped fast from the USA!

Color: Select from menu

Style: Beadable Pens & Refills

Material: Metal rod interior and spring; outer shell CCB Plastic (high quality plastic that resembles metal - lightweight so they don't get heavy when you add the beads!)

Package Size: Black Ink Refills are sold in packages of 5. Pens are sold individually.

Bulk Pricing: Purchase 30+ Beadable Pens in a single order and use code BULKPENS to save 10%! This offer cannot be combined with any other codes/rewards redemption. Code must be applied at checkout to qualify, pricing cannot be changed once your order has been submitted.

Size: 147mm x 11mm - Beadable Post is 1.7mm

PLEASE NOTE: Printed Pens have a seam where the print stops and starts. This is not a flaw, it's part of how it's designed. If the seam will bother you, it isn't recommended to order this style. We are unable to refund Printed Pens due to seams.

We are not responsible for beads not fitting pen rods! Our customers use beads for a wide variety of projects and just like with any craft, not all items are suitable for all projects. We have put together a guide below to help you with what beads will fit on a pen rod, but please note that there can be variations between batches. 

All of our 20mm Beads will fit pens with the exception of "Carnival Berry" and “Fools Gold” Beads, though some may require reaming on occasion. All Silicone Beads will fit pens.

The only 8mm beads that will fit the pen rods with ease are the frosted style. Pearls will fit with reaming with the exception of black which will not fit.

***Please note that 12mm beads vary in hole diameter from 1.5-2mm. A lot will fit the pen rods, but not all.***

12mm Bead Styles that fit pen rods:

MOST Rhinestones (there’s occasionally a color that doesn’t fit and they can vary from batch to batch)
Polka Dot
Jelly Marble
Translucent Pumpkin w/White Core
Standard Glitter
Chunky Glitter
Pearly Luster
Beach Ball
Heart Print
Star Print
Marble Stripe
UV Shine (Gold and Silver, not Copper)
Translucent Multifaceted
Pearls **with Reaming (they need the finish cleared out of the holes)

Solid hole sizes vary, even with the same color - one batch can be big enough and a month later not, so they’re a gamble. If you won’t be using your beads for other items besides pens, solids are not advised to be purchased.

Iridescent Finish, Chalk Matte, Glitter in Clear, Pumpkin Solids and the specialty type ones (Fiesta Berry, Gold Etched, etc.), Regular Marble (not Jelly Marble) and Translucent Shimmer do not fit.

We use a high quality camera and photo settings to ensure color accuracy. However, please note that color varies from device to device, which is out of our control. You might see a slight variation between what is displayed on your screen and the actual product.

ABC Bead Supply holds no liability for how the beads are used after purchase. Please keep in mind that these are small parts and that small parts are a choking hazard for children.

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